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Walking, The Best Exercise

Here's a little motivation for you to get outside and get moving. A double whammy, wow!

Walking seems to be overlooked as an amazing way to get exercise, and I think it needs to get some positive attention. The thing is, walking is FREE, easy and you can literally do it anywhere. Now, if you have pain while walking that will need to be addressed prior to jumping into a walking routine and is not included in this post.

Benefits to walking:

  • Exercise. Ok, I get it, walking isn't running... but walking requires movement and if you walk fast enough, far enough or up enough hills it'll elevate your heart rate.

  • Ease back pain. Yup, you read that right. Walking can be one of THE BEST things to do for low back pain. It challenges the lateral parts of the spine and core very effectively with minimal work from us.

  • It turns on genes linked to longevity and turns on the gene that codes the brain's growth hormone.

  • Exercise doesn't have to be exhausting to be effective for the brain. Read that again. Walking is good for your brain health. Walk more, get smarter, remember better and sharpen your cognitive skills.

All in all, walking is a well rounded exercise that can benefit multiple areas of your body and mind. If you've been around me for a while you may have heard this before... walk outside (more on sunlight and why we should be outdoors more often another time).

Plan of action: walk 10 minutes per day to start. Already doing that? Add another time of day to walk another 10 minutes. And then work up to walking 3x per day 10 minutes each. This time frame pairs very well with after eating a meal. Try this out and start feeling better!

Happy Walking

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