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Along my journey of becoming a massage therapist, I didn't like any of the massage oils or creams available so I dove head first into making my own. I'm still down this rabbit hole of what products are best for skin, why and the process of making them. Four years in and I've come up with three trusty concoctions. Key ingredients include locally raised grass fed, regeneratively grown beef suet which I render into tallow myself, local beeswax and lavender hydrosol. Other ingredients are organic and sustainably grown when possible. 

In case you're wondering, there is absolutely method to my madness and if you have any questions on why I use an ingredient PLEASE ASK!

All butters are sold at Palmyra & Whitewater Farmer's Markets or as needed to individual clients, I will ship to you!


Face & Hand Cream
$12.50 // 2oz

​​This cream is ideal for obviously hands and face, absorbs well! Basically, thicker than a lotion and thinner than my other products.


Ingredients: organic argan oil, grass fed beef tallow, lavender hydrosol, organic olive oil, avocado oil, local beeswax, organic essential oils.


Argan Oil Body Butter
$25 // 4oz

This butter is great for those larger areas needing moisture, spreads well! Body butter protects skin and prevents dryness.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic argan oil, grass fed beef tallow, organic mango butter, aloe vera, organic cocoa butter, avocado oil, local beeswax, stearic acid, vegetable glycerine, sunflower lecithin, vitamin E oil, organic essential oils.


Calendula Salve
$12.50 // 2oz

A salve is thick and protective on the skin, creates a barrier for healing. Gentle enough for a baby's butt (diaper cream), and healing enough for cuts and burns in general.

Ingredients: grass fed beef tallow, calendula infused olive oil, coconut oil, local beeswax, aloe vera, stearic acid, organic lavender essential oil.

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