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Day 22- Restore Your Posture

Here we go again, back to the feet. Call me crazy... until you do this exercise and notice some awesome changes in your entire back side. Anatomy Trains teaches fascial spreading on bottoms of feet to help with "loosening" fascia starting at the bottom of your feet, up the back of your legs, through the glutes, up the spine, continuing to the skull and ending on the tops of the eyebrows. It's all connected, that's their theory and I believe it! Our bodies are amazing, subjective works of art and it's about time we respect them and give them a little TLC.

Best performed with Tune Up Fitness ball, others like tennis, lacrosse, golf (might be a bit intense), can also work. FYI- Tune Up Fitness massage balls have a unique texture and consistency to work best for working with our human skin.

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