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Interested in Virtual
Fitness and/or Nutrition Coaching?

What is Mob-ility?

Mob-ility is a lot of things. First and foremost, massage therapy and personal/group training. Second, placenta encapsulation and nourishing body butters. Click services for more information on each individual aspect.


With years of experience in personal training, group fitness, strength and conditioning and massage, Mob-ility offers you a blend of two great worlds of soft tissue work to increase mobility and strength. 

It's time to take responsibility for your body, your aches and your pains. Harmony is health and movement is life. Life is simply better when you can move pain free and do everything you want to no matter your age or fitness level! 

Learn how to prioritize self care, learn how to move in healthy patterns and learn tools on how to stay out of pain on a daily basis. 


Self Care

Self care is not selfish. Let me repeat that... self care is not selfish. If you aren't healthy, how the heck do you expect to care for anyone else? Take responsibility for your body and do something to make a positive change.


Harmony is health and movement is life. What fun is moving when it causes pain? Learn proper movement patterns and techniques of how to adapt if necessary to stay out of pain while participating in activities of daily life, recreational or even competitive sports. 

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