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Well hello there! I'm Michelle O'Brien (nickname MOB, ie Mob-ility) and I am a massage therapist, realistic fitness trainer and Pink Gloves Boxing coach.


I chose the term realistic fitness trainer, because the term personal training is such a blanket term and I don't feel it describes what I really do.


A brief background- I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with BS in Kinesiology, worked in lots of different fitness centers for nearly a decade then went back to school for massage therapy. In all that history, I lived in Bozeman, Montana, Belfast, Ireland, Gig Harbor, Washington and currently reside in Whitewater, Wisconsin.


In all this experience with the human body, it's made me realize we are ever changing creatures, as is the world we live in. And encompassed with a passion for becoming a better adapted human, the approach I have to clients is a blend of massage techniques and/or functional movements along with the right mindset, knowledge, and an overall desire to change.


I'd also like to add that I've done more reading and research since graduating college than when I was actually attending college. I remain a student of life, my career and my hobbies and have to remind myself to maintain an open mind when learning something new. I'm not an expert, but I sure am trying!


On a personal level, I married the sweetest, most loving man I've ever met and we have a daughter and son and are expecting our third child in July. Gardening is another endeavor I have jumped into and it's incredibly rewarding. I love being outside, moreso when it's warm out. Rugby is a massive part of my life and has built a lot of my character along my journey. I like to remind myself not to take life too seriously, and laugh every moment I can.

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Certifications and Speciality Training

BS Kinesiology

Licensed Massage Therapist

Anatomy Trains


IPPA Placenta Encapsulation

Pre/Perinatal Massage Therapy
ACE Personal Training

AFAA Group Exercise

Pink Gloves Boxing

Schwinn Cycling


TRX Suspension Training


Any questions, please ask!


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